Tips for Your Brand New Druid

The first few levels as a Druid are hard. I know this because I've been through them at least five times. The thought of being a Druid appealed to me since before I even started the game. I wanted to be able to morph into a cat and run around. The first alt I ever made was a Druid, and I think I actually got her to 18 before I eventually decided to transfer Fri over and deleted the Druid because I didn't want to spend the money to transfer over a level 18 character. If I wanted another Druid, I could just level it again. I started another Druid on my new server to level up with a friend of mine, but he got sick of his and that left me without much incentive to continue leveling mine. That happened again with another friend, and somehow even though I kept deleting my Druids for whatever reason (I know pre-barbershop I deleted one at about level 8 just because I didn't like the hairstyle anymore) and then recreating them again because it still sounded appealing. Also, I loved the character I had in my head.

Claren (and all her previous reincarnations) is an idealistic environmentalist. Lots of love for nature, constantly spewing whatever fact she hears that supports her cause regardless of how little evidence it may have, maybe even making stuff up because it sounds good. Perhaps she's spent too much time in bear form or in the Emerald Dream. Now that I've finally noticed my Druid creation/deletion habit, I've determined to not delete Claren even if I get completely sick of her. For instance, I've decided to stick her at level 16 until 3.2 comes out so I don't have to level up to 30 for her travel form. (I have taken her to the barbershop twice.)

Some tips for the first few levels:

1. You will die. You will die all the time. I thought maybe by the time I was on my nth Druid I'd be able to manage without dying. Nope. Being able to wear leather (a change from my clothie warlock) doesn't help. Two mobs at your level might kill you. Three will for sure unless you're lucky.

2. Remember your racials! As a Night Elf, wisp is awesome for slowing down leveling time by getting back to your corpse faster. Shadowmeld is also great since the patch changes for getting away from a mob of mobs. Taurens have war stomp to get them away. Use war stomp, cast regrowth, then cross your fingers and ruuuuuuuuuuun!

3. The first 10 levels are particularly painful becasue you don't get your bear form right away. Then you get your bear form and it's cool having lots of HP but then your damage sucks. Still, I suggest getting your bear form right away. At the very least, it's fun to do your bear dance. Once you have the form, you can start off by casting damage at your targets and then morph into a bear as your HP goes down.

4. Contrary to pretty much every single guide I have read, I suggest going Balance for levels 10-19. Why? Because in my opinion, it's better to be able to kill as much as you can as quickly as you can with magic instead of taking forever to swipe something to death. Perhaps this is just because I'm a caster and that's what I'm used to. Then once you hit 20, it seems like a good idea to respec to Feral because you can do DPS in your cat form. I'd put the first 5 points in "starlight wrath", the second two in "improved moonfire" and finally the last 3 in "moonglow" before respeccing at 20.

5. Entangling roots is an awesome spell. I found myself using it so often even when fighting only one mob. I'd cast moonfire then add the entangling roots. They'd stick while casting wrath, which would usually break the roots, and then I could still cast wrath again before casting another entangling roots to stick the mob in place again. For longer fights I'd find myself basically slowly kiting the mob using entangling roots. The main problem with this is it really drains up mana. You have no idea how many times I've tried to lifetap myself on my many Druids!

6. This took me a couple Druids to figure out, but you can cast a second wrath (or cast any spell) as soon as you've finished casting wrath. You don't have to wait for the previous wrath to actually hit the target before casting again. You'd think, as a Warlock, this would have been obvious. But this was not the case.

7. Remember when creating your Druid that her or his hair or fur color will determine the fur color of your Druid's forms in 3.2. Because I knew I'd probably be staring at an animal at least half the time, I gave my Night Elf dark blue hair so she'll have pretty black fur once the patch comes out. Here's a handy guide to what hair color goes with what on the new forms.

Interestingly enough, Wow Insider posted a guide on this topic while I was considering writing this post. They go much more in-depth than I do with macro suggestions, what the spells do specifically, more spell rotations, etc. but they suggest speccing Feral right away. 

Coming Soon: Something Warlock related! Maybe! Also, I might be fooling around with the template, so just bear in mind the site might look a little wonky for brief periods of time. Just reload the page if that happens.


Sandfox said...

In #5, you're probably talking about Entangling Roots, rather than Thorns. Roots holds enemies in place. Thorns is the reflective damage spell you buff yourself with

Frijona said...

You're right, thanks! It's all fixed now. :)

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