Friday Linkday: July 24, 2009 (New Blogs that Might be Interesting)

Welcome to the New Blogs that Might be Interesting edition of Friday Linkday. Realize that while the title may be self explanitory, "new" is relative, meaning that I just discovered the blog, and I use the word "might" because if the person suddenly stops posting (which I have been known to do, hypocrite that I am) it wont be intersting anymore. Without anymore rambling, here we are:

1. Postcards from Azeroth: A blog with a wonderful concept, taking screenshots of the game and formatting them into beautiful postcards. The postcards are reminiscent of those you might find in a box at a flee market.

2. Two Wolf Moon: An RP blog! I always get a bit giddy when I find these because there aren't many around and I'm casual/"normal" with my RP these days so I don't feel quite up to giving others advice on the subject. This is just great. I do wish the font was a little bigger.

3. Alureith Silverbough: Eep, her header image is so pretty! This blog is really brand new, and I hope the author gets to play some more so we can hear more from her.

4. A Casual WoW Player: "I have played WoW for four years and I'm still a noob," says the writer in the intro post on BlogAzeroth. So am I! The writer also stopped blogging for a long time and then started again. So did I! The writer used Zangarmarsh in the blog header so must love the zone. So do I! OMG can we be best friends?

Finally, and this isn't a blog specifically, but I suggest everyone check out Buff' It's a site like Digg, but for Wow-related posts and stories. You "buff" stories you like, and "nerf" any spam you see. You can check out my profile here and buff the stuff I submitted!

Coming Soon: I know, the template is still the same. It's coming soon, I promise!


Rioriel said...

Thanks for the kind link, have included you in my blogroll over at Postcards...


Lerali said...

Hey! Thank you for the mention! I'll add you to my blog roll!

Moonbiter said...

Thanks for the link! It's very appreciated. In regards to the small font comment, being that you are the third person that has mentioned that to me... I went ahead and made it a size larger. Hope that helps. :)

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