Friday Linkday: July 10, 2009

Now that I'm back to blogging, I've decided to add a new feature: Each Friday I will link to several wow-related blog posts that I find particularly interesting. Without further ado, here are this Friday's links:

1. On Heirlooms - Are heirloom items that increase leveling speed to alts fair to new players? The Pink Pigtail Inn argues that it is inherently unfair. Read the comments--some good arguments in there. As someone who hasn't hit 80 yet, it actually makes sense to me. I want to explore the content for the first time. When I get to leveling my alts more, it will make more sense to me to move through further.

2. Shared Topic: What if There Were WoW Lobbyists? - The Twisted Nether Blogcast asks what WoW players would try to get accomplished if we lobbied politically, a question which is particularly targeted to US players. As someone who works for congress, I can honestly say that we don't lobby--because we don't care. As long as our right to game isn't on the line, I think we'd just assume stay out of it. (If you want a more amusing answer, check out what Destructive Reach has to say.)

3. Groups are using the acheivement system to control who is allowed on certain raids, so of course people have come up with ways to fake it. (From Mystic Chicanery.)

4. I created my Druid, Claren, to try out the new forms, which according to this Wow Insider post, may not have been the best idea. Still, it's a fascinating read about the "history" of Druids. (I put history in quotes because it has nothing to do with their history lore-wise, but how they were played in the game.)


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