Friday Linkday: July 17, 2009

Hurray it’s Friday! Here are the links of the week:

1. Draele of Rantings of the Afflicted has an excellent idea about a new voidwalker ability, Void Strike, based on the Pain Strike ability of the voidwalkers in Nagrand. The warlock Q&A hinted at a new damage dealing ability for voidwalkers other than just having them punch people with their bright blue fists. This is a very well-thought-out idea.

2. Gryphonheart Items – Addon Review – Some of my guildies use this addon for creating RP items. This is a lovely and informative review of the add-on. (From Too Many Annas.)

3. Feeling burned out? I haven’t lately, but this is still a good reminder of why WoW is so much fun to play. (From World of Snarkcraft.)

4. Fashion Faux Paws - I haven’t mentioned yet how much I hate how the T9 set looks, given that they all look so similar. (Does anyone actually like them? Anyone at all? As my co-GM says, “Fun is the easiest thing to nerf.”) This post from Rolling Hots describes how particularly ridiculous the Druid set looks. Very funny!

Coming Soon: What Frijona and the gang are up to this weekend!


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