Sunwell Sunburn

It's strange to go into an instance that was once visited only by the hardest of core as an "oh why not?" thought while questing. It was an IC event setup by my guild and another, my guild was hired by another to do some investigating of the Sunwell.

Fri was one of the lower levels in the group--most being 80. There was a level 71 mage who popped in. There was less than 15 of us, I believe. As you can imagine, we had a difficult time. We wiped on trash several times before downing Kalecgos after three tries. At this point it had been over an hour and I had real life duties to attend to. The rest of the group ended up calling it on Brutallus. Still, it was fun actually getting a chance to see it!

The only drop I recieved was a Shadowsong Amethyst which I'm not sure what to do with. I went into the Auction House, but no one had any for sale. Perhaps it's bind on pickup and I'm just a moron? If not, I may just put it in the guild bank.

Trade: Shadowsong Amethyst, Moon Guard-Alliance side, 9999 Gold.

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Middea said...

Shadowsong Amethyst is the epic gem from last expansion. What it can be cut into:

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