A Strange Sight

My guildmate, a Gnome Mage named Jancey, showed us this:

And this:

They just needed to be shared.

A First Post

Who am I and why am I doing this?

Very good question! I'm Frijona or "Fri" at least, that's the name of my main World of Warcraft character. The name is pronounced "Free-ho-nah" not "Fry Jonah" or anything like that. I play on Moon Guard, because I enjoy RPing and experiencing the game fully through exploration of the lore. Frijona Spindrella, the character, is a very skinny warlock, generally antisocial, who hates food and eating as well as anything mechanical. She loves the Sporelings and has vowed to protect them and she wears their tabard. (A huge pain of a rep grind but completely worth it to wear a mushroom!) She's a grand master herbalist and currently at 372 Alchemy. I'm planning on going for Potions mastery. (That's Fri on the left with the dragon who is cramping her style. This was around level 60 when I was doing the Onyxia attunement.)

As for the "why"? I enjoy writing. I enjoy playing. It seems like the perfect combination! I hope to make my own blogger layout in the future, but for now I picked this one because of all the dots. Oh, Fri is currently Affliction spec'd, but I'm thinking of going dark pact/ruin once I hit 70. My goal is to hit 70 next month in-between semesters while I have some time off!

As for my alts: my main alt is Sprynkles, a level 22 Gnome Rogue. She has sensory quirks, loves soft things, hates scratchy things, and also loves sparkly things. She's a blast to play, and I had her in the battleground for a while at 19 but I burned out of that quickly.

Also on alliance side, I have Eadwacer, a level 14 Draenei Hunter. I named her after the Anglo Saxon poem Wulf and Eadwacer. (I have a BA in English literature.) My plan is to eventually get her a wolf pet, but I'm being very strict, RP-wise, as to how I level her. More on her and what I'm doing in a future post.

Horde side, I have Nabine, a level 10 Belf Mage. Nabine has been of various classes and appearances (she was a rogue first, then a hunter, then a mage, and then I changed her appearance twice). I haven't really fleshed out her personality yet. My friend and I created a couple Horde characters to play together. Mine is Keiva, a Troll Shaman. His is an Orc Warlock. It's amusing, because his main is a Shaman and mine is a Warlock, and we didn't plan this that way. They're currently at level 4, given that trying to coordinate playtimes with someone you only know in WOW isn't exactly easy.

My fiance also plays. He's a Gnome Warrior named Handlebarlo. His story is that he lost his memory after escaping Gnomer. He was rescued by Frijona when she found him unconscious in the snow. He's level 43.
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