Six months after I quit playing and blogging (a hiatus which just happened more than it was actually planned) I have returned. The hiatus just happened in that I found myself not wanting to login. To be fair, I told my guild I would be going away for an indefinite period of time. Eventually my subscription ran out and for months I decided not to renew it.

My return to Azeroth was sparked by my friend who would occasionally email me with some new feature Blizzard had added in that he thought I'd enjoy. Nothing enticed me quite as much as when he told me about the leveling changes to patch 3.2. I thought the best way for me to get into the game again would be to roll an alt, and the ideal alt for me would be a Druid, because I found the new forms very appealing. Playing my Druid, Claren, has been fun and I've gotten her up to level 16.

I also found myself wanting to try out Horde and a PVP realm, so after some research I rolled a Troll Warrior, Renaza, on Twisting Nether. I'm loving the warrior class, which is strange because I've always seen myself to be a caster at heart. Still, there's something exciting about the metal clinking of her chain armor as she charges a target. She's at level 11. I'm trying to only level Claren and Renaza while they are in rested XP so I'm not wasting my time.

The original plan was to retire Frijona for the time being and basically start over, but I've found myself wanting to play her more and more. I'll probably hop on her this evening, perhaps just to see if I can still remember how to play the class!

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K said...

Welcome back.

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