Post-Weekend Update: Sylvynas be Damned!

This is a new section, basically detailing what I managed to accomplish in-game over the weekend, since I don't get much playing during the weekdays, it all happens here!

1. Whilst talking to my brother on the phone I managed to level my fishing up to 135, thus earning 2 achievments in the process. I'd love it if my brother (currently almost a Senior in high school) could play with me, but my parents only have dial-up. I'm hoping once he gets to college, if the game's still around, I can convince him. I don't think talk of the driftwood and sickly fish I was catching helped much.

Perhaps what I'll have to do is give him the game as a birthday gift, along with a trial account. After all the first month's free! Then Christmas is a bit less than a month later. Perfect time for a prepaid game card! By then he will be hooked for sure.

2. Ding! Fri hit 77. I also got her about 6 bars in towards 78. I'm really enjoying the quest chains in Zul'Drak.

3. Joined a large group to try and get "For the Alliance!" again. Now I have 3/4 down, because we managed to get Thrall, but failed on Sylvynas. I'm wondering if Sylvynas needs to be attempted first, since The Undercity is so hard to navigate, particularly with lots of guards chasing you and the amount of lag I have when doing this. Everyone seems to want to do SMC first because it's easy, and frankly I'm just about sick of that place.

4. I did, however, obtain the acheivement Know Thine Enemy. I have no idea how it happened because from where I was sitting I was putting dots on the boss the entire time.

Coming Soon: Tips on brand new Druids (since I've done the starting quests over 5 times now), or maybe something on the quests in Zul'Drak.


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