Why I'm a Warlock - Part 2

Yesterday I gave an overview of why I decided to play a warlock. Today I’m moving into why I’ve stuck with it. I’ve been surprised by the players I’ve read about in blogs and listened to in podcasts whose main is not their first character. Perhaps it was because of my research that I still love my warlock best, or maybe it’s just because warlocks are, obviously, the best class in the game:

1. We have minions. As Everwrath so cleverly pointed out, minions are not pets. Minions don’t need to be fed. They don’t even need to breathe. They don’t need to be placed in stables. They can be called on whenever the warlock needs one, and they look as scary as, well, Hell.

2. We can survive! Five mobs on our back? No problem! We have our minion take aggro, and with Seed of Corruption (this blog’s namesake) everything is dead in no time. And in the unlikely event that we do actually bite the dust? We can just pop back up with our Soul Stone! Gloria Gaynor would be proud.

3. We have Fear. ‘Nuff said.

4. We’re evil…but not really. We use fel magic and summon demons, but we mainly use it to fight the evil creatures of Azeroth and beyond. We’re the epitome of giving someone a taste of their own medicine.

5. We get our own mounts. Not just any mounts, but flaming horses. Don’t you wish you had a flaming horse mount? You do. I know you do.

6. We have the best mana regeneration. I’m not talking about Mp5, I’m talking about Life Tap and for Affliction warlocks, Dark Pact. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to play a mana using alt and started panicking and wondering what I did with my Life Tap button.

7. We can make summoning stones and soulwells and soulstones. Beneath our evil exterior, people love us.

9. We can turn into a demon! Who wants to be a tree when you can be a demon?

10. We have a big bag of souls tricks up our sleeve. We can make flaming meteors fall from the sky, or teleport across a room. We can make our adversaries speak another language and even make a group of foes run away from us in fear. And because of our plethora of DoTs, we warlocks always get the last laugh.

[Image Creditwww.warcraftmounts.com]

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Zab said...

<3 Frijona, LOL, I too have often wondered where my life-tap was. Needless to say my mage is still thirty-something. :)

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