The Stabbing Warlock and Other Noob Moments

I log into World of Warcraft for the first time. I listen to the introduction about the Humans, and walk my newly minted Warlock to the quest giver before me. My task is to kill a few Kobolds. Having never played an MMO before, I find myself standing in front of one of those candle-hoarding creatures stabbing at it with my dagger. I have a couple spells on my bar, but not only do I not know how to use them, but I don’t even know that they exist. Moments later the Kobold kills me, and I can see the laughter of a couple onlookers.

If I hadn’t paid so much for the game and spent weeks researching what class to play, I may have given up right there. I didn’t figure out my spells until visiting the class trainer and learning new ones. Unfortunately, this was not the beginning of my noob moments.

It was several levels before I dared use the Auction House. I used to just sell everything to a vendor. The crowds of people standing before the auctioneers in Stormwind scared me, about as much as the first time I ever spotted a Horde character.

My biggest noob moment was when I received a quest to visit Ironforge and had no idea that the tram existed. I spent an entire day attempting to walk there, going through the Burning Steppes at level 14. I found no way through, and eventually ended up swimming from Westfall to the Wetlands and running over from there. I didn’t ride the tram until after I’d obtained my first mount.

Realize that this is before I learned how to autorun. Yes, I’d been continually pressing the up button on my keyboard. I didn’t learn about it until my then-boyfriend started playing. Of course he figured it out right away.

What were your biggest noob moments?

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Syrana said...

Let's see...

Not knowing to repair and wondering why there was a little red man at the side of my screen. xD

Lerali said...

Oooh! Yeah...

I remember the first couple levels when I stated playing...

But then I still do stupid stuff like swimming around Wetlands to get to the Horde FP in Hinterlands... >.<;

(There is a pretty Dwarf settlement that's on the coast there via that trip)

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