Friday Linkday: August 21, 2009

I know everyone's pumped about Blizzcon and Cataclysm today, so I doubt anyone's going to come and read my little blog with all the other excitement going on. By the way, I just have to say how completely thrilled I am with the Cataclysm announcements! Archiologyst profession! Goblins as a playable race! Revamped Azeroth! Heroic Deadmines!

1. Today's first link is Why I Hope the Iceberg Will Hold a Bit Longer from The Pink Pigtail Inn. Larisa explains her desires for Blizzard and World of Warcraft to hold out a bit longer as the top MMO. It's an incredible piece. Personally, from what I've heard about Cataclysm I think Blizzard is going in the right direction. I'm so much more excited about what's going to happen now than I've ever been.

2. Many people gave quite a thought of what might be in the next expansion, but Seri listed a few things that for sure wouldn't show up. It's hilarious! My favorite was "New Dungeon: CoT Gnomeregan" where you would fight against the incoming Troggs.

3. Have you ranked the classes in the game? Rantings of the Afflicted, of course, put warlocks as number one. Check the comments for my rankings in the comments.

Finally, here's link number four, from Postcards from Azeroth:


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