My Wishlist to Blizzard: Things I Want in the Next Expansion

1. Some graphic updates. I'd like to see trees that don't look like paper cutouts snapped together.

2. More customizable characters. And by this I don't mean a small selection of additional hairstyles nabbed from other races, but I want to change my character's weight and maybe eye color.

3. Quests with plot. I don't want to run around grabbing animal parts, but I that doesn't mean riding around in a vehicle and chopping off tree limbs is any more enjoyable. I love really long quest chains with fascinating plots.

4. More cut scenes.

5. New races that start at level 55. The Death Knight class to me wasn't as exciting as the races in Burning Crusade. Perhaps if we'd had two epic classes that would have seemed more even. But since Blizzard doesn't want people spending all their time leveling so they can experience more of the endgame content, starting the new races at level 55 would be the way to go.

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Moonbiter said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

1) While I know they do plan to overhaul player character models in the coming expansion, it's still gonna look rather goofy when you're around cardboard trees and really pixelated mobs. Though I can't remember if they planned to update EVERYTHING. If they want to prolong WoW's shelf life, they'd have to eventually (That or just make WoW2).

2) For such a hyped thing, the barbershop was kinda lackluster. Sure, it's nice to change your hairstyle to an already established hair-do, but the new ones...? Most of them were awful.

3) They've been doing more of this as of late, but do I think they'll do more than what they're doing along with the standard "Collect 30 Yak Spleens"? Probably not. They already have a text limit to prevent wordy quest dialogue. And nearly ever person I speak to, that isn't a RPer, skips the quest text.

4) They mentioned that they'd be doing more cutscenes... I don't know why there haven't been more post-Wrathgate. Did the team forget about that and stowed it away wherever the dance studio is? You would have thought there'd be at least something for Ulduar... Hopefully when Icecrown comes around, we'll see a little more cutscene action.

5) I'd like to see this too, but Blizzard is pretty keen on preserving older content so those new to the game can experience it. Old Azeroth, major trade cities aside, is pretty much a ghost town as is anyway.

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