Friday Linkday: August 28, 2009

Exciting stuff in the WoW Blogosphere this week what with all the talk about Cataclysm. It's always hard, with all the awesome posts I read throughout the week to pick posts that I really want to include in this feature. Sometimes I wonder if I should pick posts on a theme, but that rarely works out. I may try that in the future as I'm continually adding more and more WoW blogs to my Google Reader.

[Side Note: Why isn't there a clever word for "WoW blog"? Something like blawg for "law blog". How about blwowg? Or we could shorten it to blowg.
Instead, we should just leave it as it is, since both of those options look completely awful.]

1. The Pink Pigtail Inn discusses one interesting upcoming change--being able to join PUGs with people from other realms. Personally, I'm looking forward to this. There will be a much larger pool of players for running random instances than before. The main downside I foresee is having to group with players from Normal realms more likely to use the annoying chat/l33tspeak phrases I abhor than on RP realms.

2. Cataclysm's Edge is the blog to read for news and information on Cataclysm. There's a great post regarding all the stat changes that are coming up in the expansion, and brief explanations of what that might mean for players.

3. Speaking of major changes in Cataclysm, Abi was on the dot (no pun intended) with one of his soul shard predictions!

4. When I was a new player I may have done many noobish things. But that sense of awe we all felt when we first started logged into the game, listened to the introduction for our race, and raced to that first quest giver is something we can't get back. Faulsey's beautiful post recaptured those feelings, complete with screenshots.

BONUS: Will Stranglethorn Vale be in the New Azeroth?


Faulsey said...

Ooh, glad you liked my little post! :D

Anonymous said...

Woot! Linkage! TY!


Common mistake since 98% of my toons are female and I tend to talk like a cat macro.

I'll be sure to talk more masculine next time lol. /flex

Frijona said...

Sorry Abi, but "Abi" is an extremely feminine sounding name! I'll fix it in a minute.

@Faulsey I loved it! Thanks so much for writing it!

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