Post-Weekend Update: It was a Dark and Stormy Night

QOTW: "Do you think 44 G.N.E.R.Ds are enough to get 50 honorable kills?"

It rained non-stop this weekend, perfect for staying in and playing WoW. I spent Saturday RPing on Eadwacer (Modan Co's newest Geologist) and Sunday doing Hallow's End on Frijona. Here's my current dilemma: I really want the achievement and the title. Can you think of a more Warlocky title than "the Hallowed"? My mom and aunt are coming to town Thursday-Monday. There goes a few days of prime Headless Horseman grinding time. Luckily I managed to nab the Sinister Squashling pet already from putting out fires.

Frijona's Headless Horseman Wishlist

Here's my plan of action: Kill the Headless Horseman every day I am able. I finished Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms today, so I'll try and get Kalmidor tomorrow and Outlands on Wednesday. I love how you also get gold from those things! After Kalmidor today if I have enough G.N.E.R.Ds I'll try for the PvP achievement. Meanwhile, I'll park myself in an inn so I can try to get as many wands as I can. At the moment I only have ghost. I'm hoping at the guild meeting tomorrow we'll all zap each other.

In other news, if you visit Azeroth United and click on the Blogger Unity link, you'll see this! It's currently second row, middle column:

It's me! If you ever feel like putting up a giant link to my blog, feel free to use it. Azeroth United is something I'm proud to put my name on. I encourage anyone reading to donate to their Hearts Hands and Voices campaign. Just $10 will get your name in some awesome drawings.


Syrana said...

I'm trying to remember how many GNERDS I needed when I completed that achievement last year.

What I -do- remember was completing it in AV. But that was before Wintergrasp... either one should provide more kill mileage for your buff.

Frijona said...

AV then, since Wintergrasp is huge and has vehicles and generally scares the crap out of me!

Lerali said...

I got the GNERDS achievements. I had the best luck in WSG actually especially where you have a ton of GNERDS saved up. I just followed big groups around and tossed DOTs on random tagets. Easy peasy compared to getting the danged Hallowed Helm.

Good luck!

Winterborn said...

I had really good luck doing it in Eye of the Storm last year and this year. The map is small enough that you are in range for kills more often, and the constant back and forth helps both sides get the needed honor kills.

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