Heroic Drama

It's been a long and wonderful three day weekend! Luckily my real live was void of drama, because in game it was overflowing. I previously mentioned how my friend quit his guild due to the guild being lax on the age policy. I encountered something I hadn't in a surprisingly long time: a bad PuG experience.

Modan Co doesn't raid much, but I enjoyed it in BC and I thought I'd attempt to gear up in case it's something I decide to do. The best way to do it I determined was to run heroics. The first heroic I tried running actually was with guildmates: ToC. It was a disaster. I knew I had to improve my gear a bit on my own, so I bought a few pieces. I then had some successful runs of other heroic instances.

Yesterday I tried to run the daily which was Old Kingdom. I got in a group, and I should have known it was going to go poorly as the two Death Knights argued over who was going to tank. Finally one said, "I have the gear and spec, but I'm not good at it, but I'll do it." We decided to give it a try.

We're pulling trash and the tank manages to drop aggro, so the mobs attack the healer and the healer dies and pops his soulstone. No one remembers the soulstone bit because all of a sudden the tank and healer are blaming me because my gear isn't good enough. I try to explain that of course my gear isn't all purples, that's why I'm running heroics. The tank says I'm supposed to run regular instances first. I don't want to get into a fight or whine, so I don't bring to the their attention how impossible it is to find a group for a regular instance. Instead I say that this isn't my first heroic and I've done fine before. The healer retorts, "What, you did one that your Uludar-geared friends pulled you through?" Meanwhile, the Hunter DPS is asking me to kick the healer out of the group (however, the healer is the group leader so I can't do that) and the Death Knight DPS is telling me it's not my fault, everyone has to start their gear somewhere, and it's the tank and healer's fault really. Then before I know it I'm kicked from the group.

I find another group a while later. We do fine and eventually we get to Herald Volazj. After the first Insanity, the other two DPS die. I feel a sinking doom, but I continue to push as fast as I can. We make it to the second Insanity, and manage to kill all the doubles, and finally we get Volazj down.

No achievement, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I DPS'ed Herald Volazj in Heroic mode from about 50% to 0 including Insanity by myself. I wished that the healer and tank from the original group had seen it. That would've been so sweet. At least I got the Wand of Ahnkahet.


chartroose said...

It's so rude that they would treat you that way in a casual PuG raid! They don't seem to remember that this is a GAME and it's supposed to be FUN. Sometimes I totally despise other players, especially the ones that act like they're hot shit and are mean to others.

Can you tell that I'm a bit disgruntled? I gave upon PuG's long ago.

Frijona said...

I know, PuGs are a pain sometimes. I should've known it was coming after all my previous PuGs that were actually quite excellent.

Unfortunately, my choice is to either leave Modan Co or PuG. Which is a whole other post, really.

Kinzlayer said...

From my observations, the more purples we all start to wear, the lazier we become.

When we all first got to 80 and heroics were new, we did them with respect. We paid attention, we learned the fights, and we were cautious. It seems the more purples we wear and the more brute force we can apply to the heroics, we start to become lazier and we're indignant that we have to spend more then the 30 minutes we have to get some stinking badges. I’ve caught myself thinking this way often enough of-late and I just know that it has become more of a chore then a choice.

I need to find what was fun with WoW again or else it's time to just take a break; a lot of people just don't realize it they are at that junction.

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