WoW is Too Hard - A Casual's Perspective

There has been quite a bit of talk since Wrath's launch regarding the content. Blizzard's goal was to make it more accessible to casual players, and in the end many hardcore players feel they are getting through the content too quickly and that it isn't as much of a fun challenge as in Burning Crusade.

Recently the topic was brought up again in a post in World of Matticus by a guest blogger Mimetir. Memetir's main point was that the ease of content meant that players could easily jump in once reaching 80 and not really know what they're doing. Larissa (sorry, hon, I don't do accents) told people to stop whining. She doesn't think it's too easy. It was Elleiras's response that elicited this post.

Blizzard's intention with Wrath was to make the raid game accessible to even the most casual of players...We knew that Naxxramas would be easy.

I'm not arguing what Elleiras is saying in the post. In fact, a hard mode and an easy mode of the same dungeon sounds, well, the same. The problem I have is that I may never get to experience it.

I am a casual player. I have to do this 50 hours a week:

Then I need 8 hours of sleep a night or I'm cranky and exhausted when trying to do the above. I also have social engagements, and other activities I'm involved in. I also like to do other things in game like events, RP, and alts. I'm busy.

I'd love to start doing Naxx, but anyone else who might be interested is already sick of it. The people complaining about how easy everything is mention how no one raids there anymore. If I can't do Naxx, I'll never be able to move on to Uludar and TotC, and even if I was able to gear up enough for one of those with Heroics, who would want me? I'm too green. I haven't raided enough.

WoW is too hard because no matter how accessible the content, if you get behind, you're stuck.


K said...

The answer was created in the last patch. Run heroics. The gear from the heroics, blah. The badges however? Now anyone can have Ulduar level gear, for the low easy price of running scads of heroics! Additionally, TOC Heroic (and regular) also have really nice pieces.

Frijona said...

Yeah, I could run tons of heroics and obtain badges for Uludar level gear, but then what? I'd actually rather run Naxx and Uludar than just do tons of heroics over and over again.

J said...

Have you considered the possibility that you just weren't meant to raid? I don't mean to sound cold, but w/ a 50-hour work week and sleeping 8 hours a night...when did you expect to be able to raid? Like it or not, raiding is a time consuming endeavor. That's the way it's always been. Need something that requires less time, and doesn't have to be scheduled? Sounds like you're looking for a 5-man. =/

Anonymous said...


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