Friday Linkday: October 2, 2009

For some reason I find Friday Linkday posts really difficult to write. It's not that I don't read at least 4 good posts during the week. It's that sometimes I get ready to write the post and the top thing on my mind is how I got a perfect score on the Helvetica vs. Arial quiz and I really want to brag about that.

That aside, here goes:

1. Love, love, loved Nibuca's post on Affliction spell rotation aptly titled So You Think You Can Dance. And people call being a warlock easy. She didn't even mention pets and trying to decide between Life Tap and Dark Pact.

2. Casual WoW Player is posting again! Since I will never roll a pally I don't care much about the most recent post, but more good things will come methinks.

3. So, You Wanna Raid? Now you can experience all the joys of raiding during server maintenance!

4. GameStop is Pre-selling Cataclysm. It says it's being shipped November 1, 2010. Note that it's over a year away. Even if it does come out by then.

Cataclysm is over a year away? That makes me sad all of a sudden. I want my Goblin!


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