Introducing Lasoka!

I did it. I rolled another alt. I've wanted to play a Tauren Shaman since I saw the intro on my friend's computer. I quickly dismissed the notion because my friend told me to roll Alliance. But as you can see I've finally decided to go back and try it out.

I'm still building on her character. Lasoka is smart and spunky and she's going to be an Engineer. I'll be occasionally updating the blog with her progress. Right now she's at level 10 finishing up the last few quests in Mulgore.

I get lonely Hordeside, so if you're on Moon Guard don't be shy and say "Hello!"

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Anea said...

Enjoy playing your cow! Tauren are one of the races I swore I would never play way back when I first started playing the game. However, I did finally roll one that stuck (a warrior) and I had just the best time playing her.

I hope your shaman is just as fun!

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