The World's Slowest Leveler Hits 80!

That's right! Frijona, played by the slowest leveler of all time (that would be me) finally hit 80 yesterday! I was in Culling of Stratholme at the time helping Arthas by spamming Seed of Corruption at nameless undead so I completely failed at getting a screenshot of the moment.

What's next? Probably gearing for Naxx, maybe some heroics, and leveling my Horde alt. I want to see the Horde content pre-Cataclysm. There's some great stuff out there, and I'll feel like I'm missing out if I don't give myself the chance to experience it. Maybe I'll even get some screenshots completed for the Wallpaper Project. (There are some really beautiful scenes there already!)


Everwrath of Silvermoon said...

Congratulations! what's your /played time?

My hunter (currently level 74) was the first character I rolled on Silvermoon (started a hunter on a pvp realm but hated getting camped) and I must confess only hit level 70 when WotLK came out. She's never experienced endgame content... hasn't even done a BC heroic!

Every time I log on to her to get a few bars of xp, someone always asks for an enchant, a tailoring job, a boost in an instance, a "we've got 20 people in VOA, you coming?" or similar distraction. I guess one day I'll have to /dnd and get a few levels. Think of my rested xp :-)

Frijona said...


Prior to my last WoW-break (another reason for my slow leveling; I often go on hiatus) I would login and just stand there in the inn and chat with people. WoW had become a glorified chat server. My XP was all rested!

I'll have to check my /played so we can compare.

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