Midweek Update?

Some General Announcements:

1. I cannot get the Mithril Pocketwatch even though I have killed Coren Direbrew 15 times already. A mount would be nice, too, but I can live without that. I'll die without the pocketwatch.

2. Because the twitter include suddenly started looking horrible, I have removed it for the time being until I either find out it's fixed or I can fiddle with it and make it look nice on my own. Meanwhile, follow me on twitter here.

3. Very exciting RP-related stuff happening in my guild. I'm super-stoked because it relates back to the Sporeggar storyline I did a while back and it includes many naga casualties. I'm thinking about writing the Sporeggar storyline into an actual narrative story at some point in the near future. It would be nice if I could get it done before we actually head up to Zangarmarsh on Saturday.

4. Speaking of Modan Co, we're still recruiting experienced archeologists. Apply on the forums.

5. I'm also getting started on a new project that I hope will be server-wide in magnitude. (I'm talking about Moon Guard, of course.) More information to come!


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