Faction Changes: None for me, Thanks

Paid faction changes are now available, much sooner than I expected! While for some this is a huge change that is long overdue, I for one will not be changing the faction of any of my characters. Here are a few reasons why not:

1. The only character who, in my opinion, is at a high enough level to change is Frijona. Even when I played on a Normal server and didn't really understand what RP was, Frijona had a personality and the inklings of a backstory. Her history is distinctly Human. The only way I could allow myself to change factions and thus races would be to change her name and theoretically (and perhaps ICly) "kill" Frijona. And I just can't do that, I'm too attached!

2. I really enjoy my guild, Modan Co. I seemed to have joined at an ideal time since after joining the guild went through a large growth spurt. (Due to a recruitment thread on the realm forums, being mentioned on WoW.com, and word-of-mouth.) Now I have the opportunity to be part of bringing the guild into exciting new directions as Cataclysm approaches.

3. If I were to change factions it would be to play on another server with a friend of mine. (I believe I've mentioned him by several of his character names in the blog, so I think I'll call him Z from now on to be consistent.) I rolled a Blood Elf Rogue on the server, partly to talk to my friend and partly because I want to see Horde content before Cataclysm comes. Changing Fri into a Horde character would defeat the second purpose.

4. Similar to number two--I have many friends on Moon Guard, Alliance side, that I would be sad to leave.

5. I like the Alliance-side mounts so much more. Once I get to 80 and get epic flight I want to start working on getting the mount achievements. Even though Fri has a pretty Dreadsteed to ride, I'd rather her collection of mounts include fuzzy rams and swift horses instead of scaly raptors and skeletal horses. What I really hate are the raptor mounts. Even with all the ridiculous things in the game, nothing breaks my suspension of disbelief more than the existence of raptors in Azeroth.

And thus, even though I am not primarily playing the faction preferred by Blizzard, I shall remain for the Alliance.

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Anonymous said...

I'd only transfer factions on my main if the group of people that I've been playing with over the years decided they wanted to go Alliance for a change or something. Otherwise, I'd be staying Horde.

..now race changing? I'd change from an Undead to an Orc in a heartbeat.


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