Post-Weekend Update: It's a Poll!

I played quite a bit this weekend but didn't accomplish much because most of the time was spent wrapping up an RP story arc with a Modan Co guildmate. I reached Honored with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and picked up a nice cloak. I'm also halfway to having enough gold for my epic flying mount. Being 80 is nice for getting more gold! My current goal is to get Revered so I can pick up the Flameheart Spell Scalpel.

Now that I'm 80, I'm wondering who I should level next. Choices:

1. Cordelaine, level 58 Night Elf Death Knight - Moon Guard.
She has purple hair and is bad ass. I have not yet decided much about her backstory. Probably your general "hero of the Alliance dies and is raised as a Death Knight by the Lich King and is then freed from his grasp at the Battle at Light's Hope and regains her free will" or something like that. She definitely wouldn't be pure good or evil. More an "ends justify the means" type. Like Frijona, but a little less "protector of the small." There's an excellent Death Knight RP guild on Moon Guard with several Modan Co alts.

2. Eadwacer, level 20 Draenei Hunter - Moon Guard.
I'm pretty sure I wrote about Eadwacer before. She's adorable, with the dark blue skin and white hair buns. Her story was that she had a powerful position with the Draenei before the Exodar crashed. After the crash, she lied low and begun going by an alternate name (Eadwacer) learning the crossbow and the languages of the new land. It's very loosly based off the Anglo-Saxon poem Wulf and Eadwacer. Logged into her recently to pick up her level 20 mount.

3. Lorei, level 17 Blood Elf Rogue - Scarlet Crusade.
I'll be leveling her occasionally for sure, since I created her in order to get a look at the Horde side of things before Cataclysm launches. Haven't thought of what she's like IC all that much. She's on Scarlet Crusade so I can play with a friend of mine who is leveling a Death Knight over there. 

4. Claren, level 17 Night Elf Druid - Moon Guard.
The only way I'll level her would be to turn her into a Troll once Cataclysm hits. I don't know what it is with Druids. They sound so awesome, but I just can't get into it. However, I'd love to have a Troll one, and going through levels 1-15ish as a Druid again just doesn't sound appealing.

5. Something Else?
Or, I could roll something new. But probably not. The only new characters floating in my head involve Goblins and Worgen. (Thinking Goblin Hunter and Worgen Mage.)

Since I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do, I've decided to make it a poll! It's on the left. You will vote, wont you?

Note that I didn't list Sprynklez. I've decided that in Cataclysm Srpynk is going to become a Priest. She's going to give up her stabby ways and devote her life to "The Great Lightbulb in the Sky, Master of Knowledge, Creativity, and All Things Soft and Fluffy."


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