On Vanity Pet Achievements

Most people love them. Some people couldn't care less. There is probably a collective of cold-hearted individuals out there who hate them. Unfortunately for them, more and more players will be collecting vanity pets due to two changes: one, the removal of pet carriers as items that take up bag space and their replacement as summoning spells that characters can learn upon acquisition of a new pet, and two, the associated achievements:
Can I Keep Him? (Obtain 1 Vanity Pet)
Plenty of Pets (Collect 15 unique vanity pets)
Plethora of Pets (Collect 25 unique vanity pets)
Shop Smart. Shop Pet... Smart (Collect 50 unique vanity pets)
The final one has a reward attached: A Stinking Pet Carrier. I. Wants. One!

Since I'm obviously not alone, WoW Insider included this excellent post on a few fairly easy-to-obtain pets we may have missed. Worg puppies are adorable, so I'll have to finish that quest for sure! The chicken quest will probably be a little more difficult for an RP-er, but I may just play temporary insanity or have Frijona liquor up first.

A few extra tips:
1. The sprite darter that can be obtained in Feralas. Wowwiki has a guide to the quest chain. (Sorry Hordies, this one is Alliance only.)
2. Faction-specific pets can be found in the neutral auction houses.
3. If you completed a quest with a pet reward and deleted your pet, you can get it back by going to a stable-master. Sometimes, however, this doesn't work and you have to open a ticket with a GM.
4. Engineers can make the mechanical squirrel which is bind on equip, so it can be auctioned off. It's a fairly low-level schematic (Sprynklez knows it already).
5. Winter Veil is coming up, with companion pets as presents and rewards.

[Image: A tiny spore bat from Wowwiki. The tiny spore bat is my favorite vanity pet in the game. What's yours?]


gmazeroth said...

I never did get into collecting pets. Elionene has maybe 10 or so, mostly from quest rewards, such as the children's event and the Worg puppy. She has a worpeltinger from Brewfest too, and stuff from last christmas.

Salthier has even fewer pets, though I did buy him a cat on purpose to pull out when I was in cat form. Two kitties for the price of one!

And recently, I did buy an owl for Elionene. Lethan, he hunting companion, is an owl and has been with her forever, but I recently trained some new pets due to the changes with the expansion. I bought a Hawk Owl in Darnassus so she could still be known as the owl lady. :D

Pixelated Executioner said...

I am a HUGE pet junkie. Before the change, I had a 20-slot bag filled with pets in the bank, and another 16-slot bag half full.

These days, though, you'll see me fishing in Northrend with Tux (my new penguin) sitting nearby, waiting for his breakfast.

Welcome back to the blogging world, by the way. :)

Birdfall said...

I don't pick pets as favorites as much as match the right pet with the right character.

Dustfire, BE Priest: Phoenix Hatchling
Plum, Tauren Druid: Hippogryph Hatchling
Birdfall, NE Rogue: Netherwhelp

The only pet I really want that I'll never get is the pink murloc. It's European only. My husband says if they release it anywhere for US, he'll let me buy one. >_> But Blizzard has to make them available first. Boohoohoo.

I'm HOPING that Blizzard will make a new cute baby murloc and create a 100 pet achievement for it (when 100 pets are available to collect). Or even a super-rare drop off the Oracle egg.

*trying not to obsess*

prettywow said...

i love collecting pets! thanks for this post. i'll have to look for new pets :)

GoW said...

I'm still into collecting minipets. They are joy, after all.

My wife's getting perilously close to the 50 minipet achievement. It will be a happy day when she does.

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