Frijona the Merrymaker?

I have managed to level myself up to the illustrious level 74. While the quests are still enjoyable, I've always been slow to level. Most of Veritas already has a character at 80, and here I am just plugging along.

The Winter Veil celebrations have begun giving me another excuse to stop leveling and do something else. I would really like the achievement and have finished two of the minor achievements already. Yes, quite a few to go, but luckily the guild is rather achievement-happy. (Yes, I think it would be funny for my warlock to have "Merrymaker" as a title.)

Are you planning on trying for the achievement?


gmazeroth said...

Salthier is definitely going for it. I'm drawn to the holidays with him. But that means I have to get his cooking up, and do the Ogri'la quests. And then I have to kill people as a gnome without being killed, and without being able to shape shift. Sheesh! These are going to be harder than the Hallowe's Even ones...

Absitively & Posolutely said...

My warrior is going for it, he's become my achievement.... seeker. I love the achievements, I just can't do them with more than one char :D

Oh, by the way, if you haven't been.... you're officially tagged :)

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