With WOW blogs, I automatically have the best excuse for updating: I've been too busy playing. First of all, I finally hit 70! I managed to get a screenshot of the lovely light enveloping my body:

Then with the help of some of my fellow officers I bought my ebon griffin, which I named Shadowwing. I then proceeded to fly around Wildhammer Stronghold like an obvious n00b. (If you click the link, that's my GM behind me on his ebon griffin.)

I also started writing in a new RP on the official forums called Missing in the Night. It's most of the same folks that are writing in A Dangerous Haul, plus some new faces, so it should be great!


Anonymous said...

I approve! The bundle of tubes known as the interwebs needs more roleplaying blogs these days and I always feel pretty giddy when I stumble across one. Welcome to the fold and congratulations on reaching 70!

Anonymous said...

Edit edit: By the by, you might want to open up comments to all visitors and not just bloggy-types. I couldn't reply to your wonderful site until I remembered that I had an old AIM account that I haven't used in months! It saddened me -- especially since I self-host my own site and don't have any blog accounts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 70 and flying! Doesn't it absolutely change the game for you! It did for me, made me love it even more if that was possible. :)

Frijona said...

Thanks for the comments--
cynraanar, I would love to see your blog if you could post the link!

Cynra said...

There ya go, ma'am! I'm a relative neophyte blogger when it comes to the WoW-scene. Be nice!

And if you think having a flying mount changes the game, wait until you snag that epic mount. I farmed in a single day what I normally got in a week. For someone who raids quite a bit lately, it made preparation much easier.

Frijona said...

I'm working on getting Kara-ready before I start saving up for the epic flyer. I'll be posting on getting myself raid ready soon!

Wowgirl said...

Gratz !!
Now you have to update the "about" info =D!!!!

My main is a priest but I have a 53 Warlock also =D
Good luck blogging and playing, I've just started a blog too and it's so awesome to find wow-related blogs on the internet =D

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