Fascinating RP-related Posts Not to Miss!

The folks at Blogatelle are my new heroes. They have created the most indispensable guide to RPing the different races. It's the perfect place to start if you're thinking of rolling something new. It goes in great detail as to what the average member of each race thinks of the other races and classes. Of course each character would have her or his own unique view, but check out how the guide describes how Gnomes view Night Elves:

Mind you, if the gnomes think the humans are a little backwards, they think the night elves are insane, surely. Declaring magic evil? No advanced technology whatsoever? How do they live? The gnomes and the night elves really are at complete and utter odds with each other. So naturally, of course, the gnomes are freaking fascinated by them.

This also shows how fantastic the writing is! Sprynklez, of course, thinks the Night Elves are pretty and have soft-looking mounts.

Waging war against the "lorelol" is one of the most oddly-titled pieces in WoW-Insider lately. While it begins as a rant, it has answers to many questions we've all had about Bliz and lore. I learned a few things, including that Orcs came to Azeroth through a Stargate (which makes Draenei more believable as a race). Fascinating. Read the damn thing!

Each Friday Too Many Annas asks their readers five questions about their characters (aptly named the "Friday Five"). This week's were particularly fun to answer (yes, even though it's Saturday). Here are my responses for Frijona:

1. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?

Frijona collects potentially magical objects and books. Intending on studying the properties of the object or reading the book, she will put forth quite a bit of gold or effort to get her hands on something that seems interesting. Then it collects dust in her apartment. It might be of value to someone else, but who knows?

2. What just irritates the hell out of your character? What makes them happy (in a silly way, like bubbles or balloons or goldfish), if anything?

Fri gets very irritated when people eat in front of her or talk about eating. She also hates it when people pick on beings weaker than them. Cute, helpless animals make her very happy, as well as obtaining souls from really evil creatures.

3. What is your character’s favorite thing to eat?

Underspore pods.

4. If your character knew he or she would die tomorrow, how would they spend today?

Consistently making sure her soulstone was in place. If that wasn’t an option, she would probably seek out her family.

5. What is in your character’s pockets?

Maybe an underspore pod, a soul shard, and some crushed herbs.

Coming Soon: Pretty Northrend screenshots turned wallpaper, why we should be able to hide our shoulder armor, and future plans for this blog!


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